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Mottox was founded in 1915 with the trademark “Motonashiya”.

Motonashiya means “to be true, real and original, and have no capitals”.
That is a trademark created by our founder that means to “start from zero”. Our founding spirit of “having no capital but by creativity and hard work, dreams can be eventually realized” is still the greatest support for our company today.
Together with our retail and wholesale business, we have changed our company name to “Mottox Co. Ltd” in 1992. Our mission is to discover great wines and Japanese sake and deliver it to our customers in the best condition.

The motivation of our development is, as mentioned, our business philosophy that was established by our founder and our management concept focusing on “individual growth”.
“Wines” have its various cultural and historical backgrounds, and are embedded with thoughts of its producers. It is the total of all creativity and efforts from our associates that we can preserve and deliver to customers the ideas behind the wines, but all our associates are all in love with food and alcohol.
We work with our hearts, and with our smiles. We bear in our mind the importance to learn and to grow continuously as human beings. And, we believe that every single associate of ours is important to the company and to the society. This is the wish of Mottox.