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Craft Sake




Located in an inn town on the old Tokaido road, a brewery that is continuing to take up the challenge of making excellent sake.

明治よりこの地で酒を造り続ける蔵 A brewery that has been making sake since the Meiji Era


Founded in the 5th year of the Meiji Era (1872), the brewery is located in Shiga-ken’s Konan-shi. They are best known for their brand Ka-no-Izumi.







月下の狼 Gekka-no-Okami



he bottle label of Gekka-no-Okami, which displays a wolf in front of a moonlit landscape, pays homage to the natural landscape of Ishibe as well as being a reflection of the sake’s flavour. Under the bright, nostalgic moonlight, a wolf waits quietly – this sake promises an equally captivating drinking experience.

酒造りが根付く石部宿 Ishibe, a historic area of sake production




Ishibe is a district of Konan-shi in Shiga-ken. It was here that the first inn town on the old Tokaido road from Kyoto to Tokyo was located.

The sake from this town was beloved by travelers, and the region was blessed by a number of factors that made it suited for sake production: the cold wind known as the Hioi Oroshi and underground water flowing from the Suzuka Mountains. The Takeuchi Brewery is one such long-established producer whose history dates back to that time.


「兵庫県吉川特A地区産山田錦」がつくる酒 Sake made with Hyogo-ken Yoshikawa Special A Class Plot Yamada Nishiki





The most famous sake rice is Yamada Nishiki, also known as “the king of sake rice.”

Sake made from this rice receive consistently high praise at awards ceremonies.

Research into the connection between Yamada Nishiki and the land it is grown on is ongoing, and plots of land designated as producing particularly high quality Yamada Nishiki can now use the categorization “Special A Class Plot”.

Gekka-no-Okami is made exclusively from Yamada Nishiki from that special categorization, from Yoshikawa in Hyogo-ken.