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A brewery that is gaining attention overseas and defying preconceived notions of what sake can be.

新たな時代に向け、新たな酒質を提案する酒蔵 New Sake for a New Age




Kinmon Akita Brewery’s first incarnation, the Akita Fuji Brewery, was formed in 1939 and was reborn as Kinmon Akita Brewery in 1973 in collaboration with seven wholesalers from within the prefecture.

Initially, the brewery’s main focus was on supplying Sake to the local area, but this changed in 1989 when the current president, Takashi Sasaki, took over the reins from the previous generation.

Under Sasaki’s eye, the brewery transformed into a source of innovative products, from Aged Sake blended from various mature parcels stored at the brewery to Junmai Genshu Sake that strikes an elegant balance between umami and acidity.

驚きと感動のある酒造り Passionate Brewing



The Sake made at this brewery is unique, and the innovation at this address defies preconceived notions of what sake can be. Umami is a key pillar in the Kinmon Akita Brewery’s style.

Chief Brewer Sugahara and his team have challenged themselves to take an innovative and flexible approach to brewing, and one can only be astonished at their passion for their craft.

菅原杜氏  Chief Brewer Sugahara 菅原杜氏 Chief Brewer Sugahara

国内屈指の米どころ大仙市 Daisen-shi, a Leading Source of Rice



Daisen-shi, the home of Kinmon Akita Brewery, surrounded by mountains and facing the Omonogawa and Yokotegawa rivers, is located in an inland basin.

It also has the highest number of granaries in the prefecture, supported by the plentiful water supply provided by the Omonogawa river that flows down from Mt. Chokai.

国際的な品評会で「チャンピオンサケ」を受賞 Recipient of the Sake Champion Award at the International Wine Challenge



そしてできたのが「熟成古酒 山吹シリーズ」。

「熟成古酒 山吹1995」は、熟成酒の先進国イギリスで開催された国際的な品評会「インターナショナル・ワイン・チャレンジ(IWC)2009」で初出品ながら最高ランクの「チャンピオンサケ」を受賞。


Sasaki’s efforts in developing new styles of Sake take into consideration the wider context of the modernizing world of Japanese cuisine.

Focusing on changes such as adding oil to lighter Japanese dishes and an increasing trend for umami in food, his vision has been to make Sake that can be paired with food as easily as one would pair a wine.

The result of this vision is the is the Yamabuki Aged Sake Series.

The 1995 Yamabuki Aged Sake was presented for the first time at the 2009 International Wine Challenge Awards in the United Kingdom, a country known for its love for a range of aged wines and spirits, and received the Champion Sake prize, the highest award at the ceremony – a fantastic result for its debut appearance.

The brewery has continued to amass a considerable number of awards for its distinctive Sake, including for its Junmai sake made with triple the usual amount of Koji, and for a Junmai Genshu made with white Koji.


2018年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  GOLD(金賞)

2017年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  GOLD(金賞)

2016年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  BRONZE(銅賞)

2015年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  COMMENDED(大会推奨酒)

2014年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  GOLD(金賞)

2013年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  GOLD(金賞)

2012年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  GOLD(金賞)

2011年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  GOLD(金賞)

2009年 商品名:熟成古酒 山吹ゴールド  GOLD(金賞)

Recent IWC Awards

2018: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Gold Medal

2017: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Gold Medal

2016: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Bronze Medal

2015: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake - Commended

2014: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Gold Medal

2013: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Gold Medal

2012: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Gold Medal

2011: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Gold Medal

2009: Yamabuki Gold Aged Sake – Gold Medal