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Craft Sake



A brewery that stands out for its use of ambient yeast and the lively acidity of its sake.

「美酒王国 秋田」最古参の酒蔵の一つ One of the oldest breweries in Akita, the “kingdom of fine sake”

延宝年間創業以来、340年以上の歴史をもつ奥田酒造店は、「美酒王国 秋田」の最古参蔵のひとつで、秋田県大仙市協和地域の地酒として親しまれている「千代緑」がメインブランド。

初代蔵元が、この街から望める初夏の緑美しい山々を詠った、「若葉映ゆる 四方の山々 千代緑」という俳句から名づけられました。

The Okuda Brewery possesses over 340 years of history, dating back to the Enpo era (1673-1681). It is one of the oldest breweries in Akita, renowned as the kingdom of fine sake, and Chiyo Midori, a beloved local sake in the Kyouwa area of Daisen-shi, is its main brand.

The first generation brewer, upon looking at the green mountains that surround the town in the early summer, was inspired to write a haiku:

The harmony of the young leaves

The mountains in all directions

A thousand generations of green (Chiyo Midori)

It is from the last line of the poem that the sake takes its name.

秋田で一番小さな蔵 The smallest brewery in Akita




Within the brewery, four members of staff and the chief brewer/president Mr. Okuda thoroughly implement their handmade production methods of 100% box koji and 100% in-bottle pasteurisation.

“We’d like our sake to make you laugh and put a smile on your face”, says Mr. Okuda, while expressing a desire to keep making high-quality sake with no corners cut. The brewery wants to make sake that creates a harmonious relationship between the people enjoying it.

蔵付き酵母MS3が生み出す白ワインの様な味わい Sake like white wine – born from MS3, an ambient yeast found within the brewery






The ambient yeast MS3 (a naturally yeast that has been found within the brewery for generations) takes its name from the initials of Chief Brewer & Brewery President Okuda’s family members.

This special yeast so crucial to the Okuda Brewery’s production could not have been raised without the support of these family members, and Okuda’s love for his family is expressed through the front label’s four-leaf clover motif.

The initial of each family member, M, S, S and S, has been hidden in plain sight in each of the leaves.

This yeast grants taut acidity and aromatic notes of apple and banana that give the sake the aroma and flavour profile of a dry white wine.

「千代緑-ちよみどり」×ワインの「モトックス」 =新たな日本酒「つぎのみどり」の誕生 Chiyomidori + Mottox, Wine Importer = the birth of a new sake, “Tsugi-no-Midori”



Tsugi-no-Midori is a collaboration between the Okuda and Mottox, the wine importer.

While incorporating the brewery’s naming traditions, the collaboration delivers a series of new sake produc ts that are both innovative and made with love, not just to Akita-ken, but to new markets around the world.